Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic Dentistry

There are many options for restoring and enhancing the appearance of your teeth. We at Trillium Dentistry, have all the options you need to enjoy better oral health.


A crown is a full coverage restoration that is used on badly damaged teeth, teeth that have had a root canal or on top of a dental implant.

Crowns are made of a porcelain material allowing it to blend best with other teeth. A crown can make your teeth stronger and improve your appearance.

Most crowns last for several years with proper oral hygiene and preventive dental care.


A dental bridge is made up of two crowns bonded to an artificial tooth in the middle. These three or four “teeth” form the “bridge” that is bonded into place to solve your missing tooth dilemma. It is made of tooth-colored materials to match your other teeth.

Bridges can also be placed on top of dental implants to replace up to 4 or 5 teeth at one time.


Dental veneers are very thin shells of porcelain or resin material that are bonded over the front of your natural teeth to change the way that they look. From crowding to uneven teeth, veneers can be used for a variety of esthetic situations, and results are amazing.

Veneers are applied directly to the tooth to create straighter, whiter teeth. They can also be used to close spaces, or repair chipped and damaged teeth.

When placed side by side, dental veneers have the potential to change the overall appearance of your entire smile


Dentures offer patients with tooth loss a way to regain oral function and a natural-looking smile again. The loss of teeth can severely impact one’s confidence and social life. Missing teeth also make it challenging to maintain a balanced and healthy diet or speak clearly. Many feel embarrassed about their appearance and have learned to stop smiling. As the passage of time continues, further tooth loss could result in the collapse of facial features and increased wrinkling around the mouth.

Type of Dentures

There are a few different varieties of dentures. The most common types are full and partial. A full denture is used to replace a full set of missing teeth, these can be upper, lower, or both sets. Partial dentures are generally used when 3 or more teeth are missing, where a bridge alone won’t provide enough support. Dentures are usually made from acrylic but sometimes incorporate a Chromium Cobalt metal base for added strength and support.

Partial Dentures

One solution to replace your missing teeth is with a removable partial denture. Replacement teeth are fixed to a plastic base which closely mirrors the colouration of your gums. Using a metal framework, the plastic base is connected to the replacement teeth, which can then be attached to your remaining natural teeth using metal clasps.

Full dentures

Full (or Complete) dentures are dentures that are used when a patient requires all of their natural teeth replaced. These can replace all of a person’s top teeth, bottom teeth or both sets and are usually held in place by suction or with the added help of an oral adhesive. Full dentures are generally made from a flesh-colored acrylic base that comfortably fits over a patient’s gums, and just like partial dentures, complete dentures are easily removable. All dentures are custom designed to an individual patient’s need.

Your average denture has a lifetime of approximately 5 – 10 years, but this can vary depending upon the patient. During this time, your dentures may need rebasing, relining, or replacing at Trillium Dentistry. This is due to the strains of daily wear and ongoing changes to your bone and gum tissues as you age.